mario Alberto Silva

Mario Is a grammy award winning trumpet player Born and raised in the famous mission district of San Francisco. He has the unique sound of the mission as well as his own unique spin on many other styles of music from balkin, to jazz, to latin. you can hear his own take on many styles on his upcoming album "Foreign Policy" featuring CHuchito valdez and an all star group of musicians. 

Jon Robin 

Jon Robin is an Oakland songwriter, with roots in Rock, Punk, Pop, and Reggae. Reminiscent of some of rock's all time favorites, Jon Robin and the Ancient Alien Theorists, deliver solid and sincere songs in the studio and own the stage. Jon Robin has gleaned a thing or two as a songwriter from father in law, Jack Lee, of the Nerves and Blondie fame. 

Soft Spot - John Robin
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Singer/songwriter Earl "Zero" Johnson played a crucial role in the roots age, releasing powerful cultural numbers whose dramatic lyrics were often combined with tough militant backings from the Soul Syndicate band. His most beloved song, None Shall Escape the Judgement, is an acknowledged classic, and the one that launched Johnny Clarke to stardom. Born in 1952, in the Greenwich Town neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica, Zero was the eldest of ten children of a fisherman father and fishmonger mother.  

Earl Zero