MIchael Solomon

Michael Solomon has been playing piano since the age of three, earning scholarships to study

at California State East Bay to study classical guitar with internationally acclaimed guitarist Marc Teicholz. Michael is a Royal Conservatory of Music certified instructor, currently serving as

Ambassador for the Conservatory, and can be contacted and seen teaching at both Music Time

Academy in Livermore, and in Walnut Creek at The Contra Costa School of Performing Arts, as

well as regularly performing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. as of 2017, Michael

was appointed Organist for Live Oak Lodge, in Oakland, California.

Launching Nomolos Productions in 2016, Michael is the founder and president of Nomolos, producing Grammy winning artist Mario Silva’s debut recording of original compositions by Silva

and Chuchito Valdez, Michael can be heard playing guitar on the album as well. In addition to

collaborating with Silva and Valdez, Nomolos has recently taken on rock artist Jon Robin as well

as working with reggae legend Earl Zero.

Michael is available for session work, musical theatre, Royal Conservatory certification and

diploma preparation, private and group instruction. He can be seen in various roles throughout

the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, supporting students in their musical journeys as well

as fellow artists in their pursuit of sharing their music and passion for the arts.

John Honoré

WE have partnered with JOhn Honoré to give you Original Music Composition & Scoring. Understanding how to effectively manipulate emotion thru music & sound is the key to creating long-lasting impressions with your audience. We specialize in orchestral scoring as well as many other genres of music like pop, rock, country, alternative, R&B and more.

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